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In the middle of summer vacation is when the main trends and styles of the holiday interior decoration industry start to immerge for the New Year industry market.

2013 is the year of the "Black Water Snake". Attributes of this symbol will take the fore-front of holiday interior design. The element of New Year’s 2013 is "water", and symbols of water such as sea plants and animals (starfish, shells, seahorses, fish and corals) will be on the front burner. The beautiful colors of water will strongly influence the palette of holiday decorations. The most prevalent colors will be dark blues and greens. The princely traditional colors of gold and silver and ‘serpent’ black will be also added to the palette. The main focus of the New Year ornament manufacturers is the symbol of coming year – the “Black Water Snake”. Figures of the snake made from wood, glass or ceramics must be presented in the decoration of the Christmas tree and festive interior. All kinds of festive products will be presented on September at the annual "Christmas Time. 100 days before New Year" exhibition.